Life Insurance

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Almost everyone needs life insurance. Whether you’re single, married, parent or non-parent, own a business or are retired – there is a need. Life insurance from Alfa™ gives you the opportunity to protect the future of others in the event of your death.

Here are just a few ways a life insurance policy from Alfa could help your beneficiaries:

  • Provide funds to pay off household debt like medical expenses, mortgage and credit cards
  • Cover daily living expenses after the loss of your income
  • Pay for funeral costs during a time when the average funeral is more than $7,000
  • Provide for college tuition

One of the best things you can do for loved ones is to give them financial security and protection from loss by purchasing life insurance. Alfa offers a wide range of policies designed specifically for your needs. These policies include permanent insurance, which provides a lifetime of protection, and term insurance, which offers affordable coverage for a set time period.




Life Insurance


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